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International Week of Respect for Childbirth 2012 takes place under the patro­nage of the City of Prague

Active Motherhood Movement (HAM) orga­nizes : (http://iham.cz/about-us/)

21st ‑27th May 2012, Perstyn Cinema, Prague
M – Th 1 pm to 6.30 pm, F – Su 10 am to 6.30 pm.

Informative Festival of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenthood

  • Lectures for Pregnant Women
  • Presentations, Discussions and Screenings for Pupils and Students
  • Workshops for Health Professionals
  • Shop 

HOMO ECOLOGICUS – Unique Exhibition of Nature and Man Friendly Products Used Not Only during Pregnancy, Birth and in Childcare

orga­nic food pro­ducts, natu­ral cos­me­tics, reu­sable tex­tile nap­pies, modern nap­py sys­tems, orga­nic cot­ton baby clothes, women’s inti­mate hygiene pro­ducts, washing and clea­ning pro­ducts
Two lec­tures in English!!!! Naomi Aldort and Valerie Flemming on Tuesday, May, 22 from 3.30 PM and 6 PM ! For more info you can mail us to rezervace(at)iham.cz  or call to 776 465 461.

Midwife and dou­la consul­ta­tions – on pre­gnan­cy, birth, nur­sing and child­care – during the whole week

* how to sup­port a well pros­pec­ted pre­gnan­cy and birth
* what to do about the usual minor dis­com­forts of pre­gnan­cy 
* what is nor­mal and what does not have to be
* how to choose a place to give birth at, how to choose the sup­port care­gi­vers

* what can I do what do I have to do

* what has to be orga­ni­zed before the birth and after
* we are having a baby, and what now…
* nur­sing yes, but…

And much more…

Simultaneous exhi­bi­tions and events at many places in the Czech Republic.

More Inko on http://respektkporodu.cz/index.php/english

and in Czech – www.respektkporodu.cz

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