Plataforma Pro Derechos del Nacimiento (PDN)
C/Santapau, 59 1º
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Barcelona, 20th. Of April, 2008

Dear Sir or Madam,

I´m writing this letter on behalf of « Plataforma Pro Derechos del Nacimiento » (platform for the rights of birth). This entity, formed by associations and individuals, will be celebrating this year its tenth anniversary.

Our principal target is asking our state health system to take responsibility for the financing of natural birth, regardless of the mother’s decision to give birth at a private clinic, a hospital or at home. And above all, that parents will always see their will respected.

We want the recommendations made by the OMS (WHO, World Health Organization) in regard to the rights of the pregnant woman and the baby to be respected in our country, Spain. These recommendations were collected and published by the OMS (WHO) at the International Conference at Fortaleza (Brazil), on the 22nd. and 26th. of April, 1985. Among these rights are the following points:

• The new-born must always be with its mother if they are both in healthy conditions. There should be no medical examination to justify the parting of the mother and the healthy child.
• Breast-feeding should be encouraged as soon as possible, even before the mother and her baby leave the maternity ward.
• Birth giving women should not be lying down on their backs (in the traditional obstetrical position) during childbirth. Women should be encouraged to walk during the dilatation period and be able to choose the position they want to give birth in.
• Childbirth must not be induced for convenience. No birth should be artificially provoked if it is not strictly and medically necessary. No country should have artificial induced births above a 10% rate.

We are aware of the fact that childbirth conditions leave permanent marks in human beings and that the interruption of the natural process of birth interferes in the relationship between mother and child in the short and long run. We would like to spread this information to make it get to as many people as possible.

We intend to spend this year gathering documentation on current investigations in this area.

We would appreciate if you could send us any scientific research in the topic of the effects derived from separating mother and child in the short and long term.

With best regards,

Merche Escursell
Plataforma Pro Derechos del Nacimiento (PDN)


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