WORLD RESPECTED CHILDBIRTH WEEK « Birth where, how and with whom you want”

City of Sofia


18.30 - Movie: Birth as a Human Right Issue. A beautiful film about the right and freedom of choice regarding childbirth. – Yantra yoga studio (33 Nezabravka St.)


18.30 - Hands-on seminar about alternative pain relief and the role of the doula during childbirth. Reality in Bulgarian hospitals. – Office of Estestveno (27 Todor Stoyanov St.)


Estestveno’s website. Tell us about medical professionals who respected your freedom of choice during childbirth. At the end of the week we shall collect your stories and send them to the respective hospitals. Through this initiative we would like to express gratitude towards medical practitioners who respected our rights in such a special moment as giving birth. We would also like them to know how important their actions were in making birth a positive experience. Each one of us can search our memories and find something to be thankful for. Let us give this positive feedback, so they know how important it is to us that our needs were respected. For your convenience we have created a brief form which can be downloaded here. Please fill it out and send it to us at:


 18.00 – Creative workshop under the theme “My birth” for pregnant women and mothers of 0 – 2 year-olds. We are going to look at our future or past birth from a different angle. We will share what we liked and did not like; our dreams and memories; we will express our feelings and experiences through art. Let us talk about and draw our childbirth together! – Yantra yoga studio (33 Nezabravka St.). As spots for the workshop are limited, please sign-up at:


11.00 - Borisova Gradina (Central city park), happening “Birth – freedom of choice”/the right to make a choice?/

City of Varna


10.30 – Movie: Birth as a Human Right Issue. Lecture “The importance of birth for a person’s further life”, Diana Dimitrova, midwife, University professor. Discussion of movie and lecture.


Successful Childbirth Practices – Maria Hristova, Estestveno

The doula as a childbirth assistant (Maria Hristova from Estestveno)

Demonstration of traditional techniques during childbirth (Galya Stambolieva from Rodilnitza)


6 Steps to a healthy birth (Milena Dyankova)

Creative workshop: My birth – Ivelina Krasteva, psychologist

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The schedule continues to be updated. We are expecting input from other organizations and towns. Please follow




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